Sep 5th Emergency maintenance September 7th 7AM UTC (COMPLETED)

This is now completed and verified. Please do submit a ticket in case you see any issues.Emergency maintenance to move contents of an entire rack to another location in the datacenter on September 7th 7AM UTC Expected Downtime: 2 hours Why: Current location for this rack doesn’t have sufficent cooling. So on-site team will be moving all ... Read More »

Sep 3rd jpcloudusa015 was found hung. [RESOLVED]

[7:57PM UTC] Found jpcloudusa015 not accessible. Initiating a reboot.
[8:00PM UTC] Reboot failed to resolve issue - escalated to onsite staff.
[8:15PM UTC] Reload of upstream firewall rules resolved the issue.

Sep 1st Outage in Bucharest Romania [RESOLVED]

We're currently experiencing some unusual overheating in a rack in Bucharest Romania. We've been forced to power these machines down until they cool down.Started around 4am Romanian time.We are setting up temporary solutions while we wait for these machines to cool down. We may migrate services once machines are online depending on what we find ... Read More »

Jul 20th is offline due to hardware issue [RESOLVED]

Onsite team is in queue to investigate server, they will make necessary repairs and bring server back online. No ETA at the moment

[RESOLVED] Issue was due to bad power supply.

May 18th 2 nodes are down in EU that support tomcat in the cloud [RESOLVED]

This is affecting servers jpcloudeu003 and 004 in Germany.

We've reached out to the onsite team to look into this immediately.

UPDATE: Appears there is a network issue - servers have not gone offline. We were able to get into one before getting knocked off.

UPDATE: network is back online.

Nov 4th jpcloudsf1 java server has gone off line suddenly. [RESOLVED]

We are working to resolve this outage and get the server back online as soon as possible.

Thank you,

JavaPipe Team

Nov 2nd Network issues at BHS facility in canada [RESOLVED]

We are experiencing datacenter wide network outages due to upstream network issue. The network supplier is on the scene working on the problem and bhs has been providing alternate routes which is allowing some access but still sluggish.

JavaPipe Staff

Oct 19th Login to Siteworx Control Panel Button now works

This notice is for those of you who are using our Siteworx Control panel.It was brought to our attention that this button in your client area was not working. The button I am referring to is the login button to your siteworx control panel within your service details of your client area account. You can now use this button to log into your ... Read More »

Oct 10th New streamlined Billing interface

We've updated our billing system and we hope this new look will be more intuitive for you. If you have trouble finding something, please don't hesitate to open a ticket so that we can help you!

Aug 29th DDoS Protected VPS Now Available In New York

We have moved out of the Washington DC location due to poor bandwidth quality provided by the upstream provider. The new U.S. data center is located in New York, USA and they provide 3 Tier 1 carriers to insure traffic redundancy. We have been utilizing this location for almost 30 days now and we've been pleased with the performance. Our network ... Read More »