Performance hit from Meltdown and Spectre patching

We have most of our machines patched, but we are experiencing some slowdowns with our tomcat servers. It takes significant time for tomcat to bind to its ports when starting up. So when restarting tomcat expect around 5 minutes for your website to start working.We are actively looking for work arounds to this problem and will provide updates as ... Read More »

16th Jan 2018
JDK 1.9 is now available for Tomcat Hosting

If you need jdk 1.9, please open support desk ticket to request. Will soon be included on the order forms.

- JavaPipe Staff

29th Dec 2017
Bitcoin re-enabled for orders over $5

Bitcoin is available again. Please verify your transaction fee before processing. We've heard that it can get up to $30 just for a $10 transaction.

-JavaPipe Staff

27th Dec 2017
Bitcoin payment option has been disabled temporarily

Due to congestion for the bitcoin markets, bitcoin transaction fees have soared. Due to this we cannot accept any bitcoin transactions under $1k. 

Thank you,

JavaPipe Management

22nd Dec 2017
We are now accepting Paypal payments in EUR currency.

We had some issues with Paypal due to our EURO code versus EUR. Paypal accepts EUR not EURO.
So sorry for the delay in getting this resolved!

29th Oct 2017
Emergency maintenance on jpcloudeu003 [RESOLVED]

Jpcloudeu003 may be unavailable at this moment due to an unexpected maintenance work.
Thank you.

23rd Sep 2017
Emergency maintenance September 7th 7AM UTC (COMPLETED)

This is now completed and verified. Please do submit a ticket in case you see any issues.Emergency maintenance to move contents of an entire rack to another location in the datacenter on September 7th 7AM UTC Expected Downtime: 2 hours Why: Current location for this rack doesn’t have sufficent cooling. So on-site team will be moving all ... Read More »

5th Sep 2017
jpcloudusa015 was found hung. [RESOLVED]

[7:57PM UTC] Found jpcloudusa015 not accessible. Initiating a reboot.
[8:00PM UTC] Reboot failed to resolve issue - escalated to onsite staff.
[8:15PM UTC] Reload of upstream firewall rules resolved the issue.

3rd Sep 2017
Outage in Bucharest Romania [RESOLVED]

We're currently experiencing some unusual overheating in a rack in Bucharest Romania. We've been forced to power these machines down until they cool down.Started around 4am Romanian time.We are setting up temporary solutions while we wait for these machines to cool down. We may migrate services once machines are online depending on what we find ... Read More »

1st Sep 2017 is offline due to hardware issue [RESOLVED]

Onsite team is in queue to investigate server, they will make necessary repairs and bring server back online. No ETA at the moment

[RESOLVED] Issue was due to bad power supply.

20th Jul 2017