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How Can I Change Payment Option? This KB explains how to change your payment option from credit card to paypal or bitcoin. Log... How To Cancel A Product, Domain or Entire Account. This article explains how you can cancel products/packages or domains from your account.   Log... How can I find all my emails related to Javapipe? We keep a history of all communication with our customers. If you have lost your package login... How do I cancel a product or service? To insure billing will stop, please follow steps below to properly cancel a package or service.... How do I pay my invoice online?   This article explains how you can pay your invoice online. Normally the billing is automated... How do I update my Credit Card Details? This article explains how you may add or update your credit card details.   Log into your... How do I update my contact details? This article explains how you may add or update your contact details. It is very important that... How to Submit a Support Ticket. Submitting a support ticket is the fastest way to reach us. As soon as a ticket is logged we are... Upgrade from 7 Day Java Hosting Trial. Within the 7 day trial you are welcome to upgrade your package or purchase separate Java hosting... What Crytocurrency do you support? We support any cryptos that Bitpay supports. At the time of writing this KB it was:  Bitcoin... What are Paypal Subscriptions? A paypal subscription is 'your' agreement with paypal to pay a specific company $X amount on the... You can add other contacts on your account. This article explains how you can add other contacts to your account. These are individuals that...
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