How to Download Thumbnail or Cover Images of YouTube Videos

Here we will show you how you can download the cover image or thumbnail image of your favourite Youtube videos instantly. I have seen that many people use third party websites and softwares to download Youtube videos online. Not only that they even use those websites to download the cover images of Youtube videos as well.

I don’t understand the reason behind people downloading the cover images of Youtube videos. Why do they need cover images if they already have the whole video already downloaded? I have seen many instances of people downloading the cover image of Youtube videos, but never did I get a clue for the same.

Nevertheless here I have shown a useful technique to download the cover images of Youtube videos instantly. Follow the steps given below to save the cover or thumbnail image of your favourite Youtube videos:

1. Open the youtube video link in a browser

2. Right click (on the white space) => View the page source. Or for example in Google Chrome, Tools => View Source

3. Find (Ctrl+F) => “og:image”

4. Copy the og:image content url. For Example, “”

5. Open the copied og:image content url in the same browser window

6. Right click on the image and save it to your desktop

That’s it! The image width and height may vary according to the video uploaded by the user. If the video is in HD, then the image might be more then 1000px width.

A few days ago, I have seen one of my friend’s downloading the cover image of a Youtube video using a third party website. I asked him why he was using the lengthy procedure for the simple task. He replied that it is the only way known to him to download cover images of Youtube videos and all his friends were using the same process.

I showed him the above technique of downloading the cover or thumbnail image of Youtube videos. He was delighted and thanked me for showing him such a simple technique, instead of going through the lengthy alternative process. So I thought of showing this simple technique to you as you might also be the one using the lengthy process. I hope this guide helps you to save cover or thumbnail images of Youtube videos instantly!

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