Managing Backups with Vesta

By default the Vesta setup of our "fully managed" option, which is available for unlimited bandwidth VPS plans and all other VPS and dedicated server products, creates daily backups which it stored for 3 days.

Create Backup

Click BACKUP and then click plus button icon.

creating Vestacp backups

Then you will see a notification that task is in progress and just wait for control panel to finish the backup generation and email you

Vesta Backups Creating

Download Backup

Click BACKUP, move mouse over to the backup file and click download option.

Downloading backups

Restore From Backup

Click BACKUP, move mouse over to the backup file and click configure option.
Restore from backup

Select those items you need to restore, select option restore from dropdown.
Backup restore step

Then click button to see confirmation on restore.
Restore results of backup


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