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How to install Vesta CP

Managed vestacp comes with preinstalled control panel with admin password emailed to you. So you need not worry about installation steps but see installation steps below just for your reference.

Run commands below from ssh

curl -O


Access to control panel as admin user

Vesta panel is installed on port 8083. So use url or

Note: Lets assume server hostname is and domain name is

Screenshot below will show how to access the pages as admin (ignore the ssl warning as this is just a test domain with self signed certificate)

Once logged in admin home page will look like below. You can see it has one just one user which is admin.

From this page you can perform below functions (click the different tabs on top to navigate to the options)

  • Add packages
  • Add IP’s to the server (in case you need more IP’s)
  • View server graphs for load,memory cpu usage etc
  • View overall statistics like number of domains, users etc
  • View logs
  • Install updates
  • Manage firewall
  • View service uptime for http, nginx, exim mail server etc
  • Manage backups

How to create a new package

Once logged in as admin, click the PACKAGES tab on top and then click the button. Enter the new package details in the new page (see screenshot below). Here you can select the resources allocated to that package like disk space, bandwidth, number of domains that package can allow when assigned to an user etc.

Click and you are done (you will see a success message, see screenshot below)

You can now see the packages listed in your control panel

How to create a new control panel user and a domain

Once logged in as admin (url ), click the sign (refer below screenshot) and control panel will open a new page where you can enter the new user details (see screenshot below)

In the new page enter user details, select package and  click button (see screenshot below)

Note: Make sure to use a small name for the username as database added via vesta use user_dbname  format and it can’t be larger than 16 characters


Once done, you will see success message

How to login as user

To create a website first login as the user you created. You can login directly as user (useful if you create domain for a second person without admin access) at or login to admin and  click  LOGIN AS  link (helpful if  you already have admin accces) . See screenshot below


You will then be taken to the users home page


How to add IP to the vesta CP

You can purchase additional IP’s from us if required and add it as below.

Enter IP and Netmask and click


How to view servers memory/cpu/bandwidth usage reports

Click GRAPHS tab and the page will open up. Click DAILY , WEEKLY or MONTHLY to see the details.

How to check usage statistics  

(total websites, databases, disk usage etc)

Click STATISTICS tab and the stats page will open up. You can see the overall stats or stats per user (by selecting user from dropdown as per screenshot below)

How to update control panel, php etc

Click UPDATE tab, select the check boxes corresponding to things that needs to be updated and click “Apply to selected”

How to manage FAIL2BAN

Fail2ban scans log  and bans IPs that show the malicious signs -- too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc. Generally Fail2Ban is then used to update firewall rules to reject the IP addresses for a specified amount of time. Out of the box Fail2Ban comes with filters for various services (apache, courier, ssh, etc).

Service uptime details and restart services

Click SERVER tab and there you can see the uptime details. If you need to restart a service move the cursor to that services area the STOP RESTART option will come up.

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