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How to Install MySQL on Ubuntu Learn how to install MySQL on your DDoS protected dedicated server or DDoS protected VPS if... How do I manage my VPS Server? We provide you with a very simple interface for controlling your VPS unmetered bandwidth from... How to Add IP Addresses to CentOS server Add newly assigned IP addresses from SSH, follow this procedure: Login to your server with... How to Add IP Addresses to Windows 2008 Server Log into your server via Remote Desktop. Open the server's Start menu and select... How to Extend Windows Partition with Diskpart Command Line Step1. Open the command-line window by clicking “Start”, typing: “cmd”. In the command prompt,... How to Install Apache2 and PHP5 on Ubuntu Installing Apache2 and PHP5 is super simple on Ubuntu: # apt-get install apache2# apt-get... How to Install CentOS Web Panel (CWP) on CentOS 7 Requirements of CentOS Web Panel Installer: To avoid getting any problems, please make sure to... How to Test Sendmail From Command Line on Linux What Is Sendmail? sendmail is a very plain and simple MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), which... How to activate Windows Server Learn how to activate Windows 2012 and 2016: 1- Command Line to Launch Activation GUI- Click... How to install MySQL Here is a step by step how to install MySQL and secure it for your unlimited VPS hosting. You... How to set up FiveM server on Linux and Windows (FXServer) FiveM server can be setup on Windows VPS or Linux VPS plans. Javapipe recommends the Linux option... Install Webmin on Ubuntu First login via SSH root to the system of your dedicated server or VPS hosting with unmetered... Install a desktop (GUI) graphical interface on your Ubuntu server Update Repositories and Packages Start by updating the repositories and package lists:... Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) on Ubuntu 14.04 What is LAMP? LAMP named as an acronym of the names of its components: Linux, Apache, MySQL and... Installing Apache, MySql 5.5 and PHP5.3 on CentOs 5 Learn how to install a LAMP environment on your server or a VPS with unlimited bandwidth from... Installing Node.js on CentOs 5 Installing node.js on a cheap VPS with unlimited bandwidth is pretty simple. For more information... Installing Windows 10 on your VPS When you select Windows 10 in the VPS order form, it will install a Linux OS. Once the order is... Installing Windows Server on your VPS NEW! We now offer proper windows set up automatically on our VPS servers. You no longer have to... Managed Systems Admin Services We offer different levels of managed or hands-on service to help you achieve your objectives.Our... Resize your VPS storage Some OS templates of our budget VPS SSD KVM hosting come with smaller predefined storage... Set Up SSL Without a Control Panel You need SSL for your site but you are not using a control panel then you're missing the easy way... Setting Up the Time Zone and NTP on Ubuntu 14.04 Why is setting the time zone important? Setting up your server's clock and time zone properly is... Webuzo Control Panel If you have selected to install Webuzo when you signed up for a JavaPipe VPS, once you receive... What does BYOL mean? BYOL is an acronym for Bring Your Own License. When you see this on the order form it means that... Why the Majority of Webmasters Prefers Dedicated Web Hosting Dedicated hosting gives you the benefit of choosing the features you want instead of all the...
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