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To create a Mailbox log into Siteworx at

  1. Navigate to Hosting Features >> E-mail >> Mailboxes
  2. Here you can see details about existing email boxes as well as create new emailboxes. Postmaster is the default catchall email address created by siteworx.
  3. Now to add a new mailbox, input the username you wish to have in the box next to “E-mail Address:” , for example ‘johndoe’ will create a email box like
  4. In the box next to “Password:” input the password you wish to have for this email box, and retype the same password in the "Confirm Password:"box.

    You can also use the generate password feature by clicking on “generate” button, this will create a machine generated password and input it in both “Password:” and “Confirm Password:” fields. Copy the password it displays in a safe place or try to remember it.
  5. Next you have to assign diskspace quota to the email box you wish to create. If you keep the checkbox that shows before “unlimited” checked then the mailbox will have no diskspace restrictions. If you want to restrict the diskspace usage then uncheck the checkbox before “unlimited” and specify the diskspace in MegaBytes (MB) in the box.
  6. In the box next to “Send copy to:” you can specify email address/addresses that you wish to forward to all the emails coming to A copy of any email coming to will be sent to the email address/addresses specified here. You can specify multiple emails here, each email should be specified on a separate line.
  7. Once you have input everything detailed above then press “Add” button. This will create the email box and show a message “Mailbox added successfully”. Now you should be able to access this mailbox through webmail as well as a POP3/IMAP client.

Aliases are alternative email address for forwarding/redirecting emails, which forwards mails sent to them to the specified external or internal email address.

Here is how to setup an email alias in siteworx.

  1. Navigate to Hosting Features >> E-mail >> Aliases
  2. In the box next to "Email - Address:" filed type in a suitable name for your alias.
  3. In the box next to "Forwards to:" field type in the email address you want all the mails coming to this alias forwarded to.
  4. Click on "Add". This will create an alias on your domain with address. Any mails coming to this address will be forwarded to the email specified while creating alias.

Note: aliases works in similer way that "Send Copy to:" functionality works while creating an actual email box. the only difference being here you have control over editing the forwarder anytime you wish.

Email-Groups forwards/redirects emails to a group of email addresses both internal and external.

To setup an Email-Group follow below steps.

  1. Navigate to Hosting Features >> E-mail >> Groups
  2. In the box next to "Email Address:" input the email address you wish to have for the email-group. Any email coming to this email address will be forwarded to all the email addresses in the group.
  3. In the box next to "Forwards to:" input email addresses you wish to forward/redirect the emails coming to the group email address. You have to specify one email address per line, this addresses can be internal or external addresses.
  4. Click on "Add" button and it will create the email-group and the details will show up on the Existing Email-group list below.

The major difference between an alias and a email-group is that alias can forward/redirect emails to a single email address provided, whereas email-group can forward/redirect emails to a number of email addresses. Both alias and email-group can be edited and also can be deleted as per requirements.

Note: SiteWorx is the control panel of our PHP hosting and Java hosting plans.

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