How to File Manager in Siteworx

Click filemanager option in your control panel left pane

And a new window will open up with filemanager screen. In the new screen you can see the folders and files listed. You can also see options to upload, replace etc

To change the file properties, move/copy file etc select the checkbox against the file and then click the Actions option on top

To upload files, click the Upload link, click browser, select the files to open

Then select the transfer mode (binary for binary files and Ascii for other files) and click upload

Once completed, you will see file uploaded message

How to password protect a folder

Clicking the Protect link in the Toolbar will display a form at the top of the page allowing you to protect the directory you are currently viewing by configuring a username and password that will be required to access it.

Enter a User name and Password in the fields provided.

Overwrite: will overwrite an existing user with the username and password.
MD5 password: generate an md5 password that's compatible with Apache.

Click the Add User button. The user name and password will now have to be entered to access the directory currently being viewed.
Existing user names and passwords can be deleted by selecting the desired user name from the drop-down menu and clicking the Remove"button or by clicking the Remove All button.

Once a username and password has be created, the url of the directory cannot be viewable from a browser without correctly providing the designated username and password. (EG. if you protected the directory 'foo', the url cannot be accessed without a username and password)

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