Processing CSR for request for the Certificate

Please see other article for generating the SSL key and CSR. You will need to do this step before following the process below.

When you sign up for SSL you will receive an email to configure your ssl. click on the link.
  1. Web Server Type, select Apache +ModSSL
  2. Paste in your CSR - include the Begin and Ending comments.
  3. Verify your details in the Administrative Contact Information
  4. Click continue
  5. Select the valid email address - very important as this email will be used to send approval request and the Certificate.
  6. Now we wait for emails to come so we can complete the processes.
  7. First email with have a link to click so we can approve or decline. Click approve.
  8. Next email should be the certificate in which you can copy and paste within your Siteworx control panel or other.
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