MariaDB Database Connector

CentOS 7 and up currently utilizes MariaDB instead of MySQL. This is also true for almost all newer Linux distros. MariaDB was basically a fork of MySQL when Oracle bought out Sun Microsystems and thus inherited MySQL.

Despite Oracle continuing the open source direction with MySQL, the demand for MariaDB soared.

While the old MySQL connectorJ JDBC connector may work, theres a better one to use instead thats designed for MariaDB.

Mariadb connector J

Simply added to tyour class path in your webapp for it to work. However, be sure to remove any other connectors to avoid conflicting libraries.

change Driver from com.mysql.jdbc.Driver to org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver
and connection string jdbc:mysql to jdbc:mariadb


  • Do not use 'root' as a username in your database.
  • Connection string db name and username needs to include the prefix_. When you create your db and user, siteworx will display prefix for you to use.
  • Db hostname or IP is almost always localhost. 
  • If all else fails - shoot us a ticket and we'll help. 
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