Configuring Email Clients


This document is to help you get your email working with your email client and assumes that you have already setup your email accounts in your Siteworx control panel. Siteworx is part of our PHP web hosting and Java hosting plans.

These basic configurations work on all email clients substitute, username and password where appropriate:

incoming Mail server IMAP
Server Name:
Password: password
Port: 993

Security settings: SSL/TLS
Authentication: Normal password.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Server Name:
Password: password
Port: 587

Security settings: STARTTLS
Authentication: Normal password.

Most common problem is getting your email client to accept the SSL connection for outgoing email with STARTTLS can sometimes be buggy due to nature of the TLS these days.

To fix this, you need to set your SMTP security to none when setting up your account. Once set up go back into account properties and change security back to STARTTLS with normal password. Once done, try sending an email. Your email client will complain and show you the certificate with an option to accept it. Once you accept the certificate it will begin working properly.

Why does this happen? We have supplied SSL for your servers hostname, which technically should work with any domain hosted on the box. But because the hostname and domain name in do not match, the email client complains. Once accepting it, it will allow you to send encrypted email.

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