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This is our web based plugin to Interworx control panel to help improve your experience with our Tomcat hosting solution. You can use this web based tool to stop, start and restart your Tomcat container, clear cache, manage your web apps and view your Tomcat logs.

To access, simply log into your SiteWorx and select Tomcat Control in the left Menu. This will open up Tomcat Control on the right pane.

Tomcat Container Control

You can use the icons to Start, restart or stop Tomcat. When complete it will display its status. For example of Tomcat being offline:

Refresh Status allows you to force a refresh to see if your Tomcat is online or not. Unfortunately a hung Tomcat will still show that its online. Restarting will solve this if you suspect your Tomcat is in a hung state.

Clear Cache clears out your tomcat's work directory that provides caching. It is good to use this if you are replacing an old web application with a new one. This will also restart Tomcat automatically.

Upload Tomcat Application

You can manage your web applications here. You can only upload a war file (web archive). It will not let you upload any other file type because you should be packaging your application as a war before deploying it to the server. Once you upload your app it will show up in the Application List and will also provide you with URL in which you can access it on your browser (That is if your domain is currently pointing to our service).

When you upload an all, allow a few minutes for tomcat to deploy your new application.

Use the X icon to delete your war file. After a few minutes Tomcat will also delete the exploded war directory. If not, restarting Tomcat will force it. Use the Pencil icon if you need to edit something in your web application. This will take you to the Filemanager which is web based. However, we recommend that you learn to use an SFTP program like filezilla to use instead using your SSH credentials. Filemanager has been known to be a little buggy.

Tomcat Logs

You can view, download and delete your log file directly from here. This is basically a web based view of your tomcat/catalina.out log. If you are having issues with your tomcat, we can guarantee that you'll find useful information about the problem in this log.

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