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Step 1:
Login to your control panel using the details in the setup email

Panel login

Step 2: Expand Websites menu in the left panel. Select Create website and enter details like domain name, email etc (in this article we are using domain name


Points to note:

  • Check the SSL box if you need SSL enabled for your website
  • Tick the option open_basedir protection
  • Select PHP 7.2

Finally click Create website.

Step 3: Expand Websites option in left side panel and click List websites and there you can see your new website listed


Step 4: Then click the Launch icon in the websites list (second column) or Manage in newer versions.


Step 5: Enter filemanager option from the page that opens


Step 6: Filemanager will open in new tab. Then double click ‘public_html’ folder and when it opens right click on the index file and remove it (to make sure WordPress shows up as the homepage once its installed)


Once deleted you can close filemanager and go back to main menu. There select the ‘Wordpress with LScache option’


Step 7: Enter your blog title, WordPress admin username and password and click ‘Install now’


Note: Leave the last field blank to install WordPress in the domain root. If you need it installed in some other place, enter path there. Eg. enter path as wp if you need WordPress at

Step 8: Go back to ‘list websites’ option, click ‘Lauch’ icon and search for ‘Rewrite Rules’ menu and click on it.


You can see the rules fetched and then click ‘Save rewrite rules’

And you are done.

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