How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to JavaPipe Print

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In this tutorial we migrate to

Step 1: Login to your current WordPress admin area. and install plugin named Duplicator (contact us if you want the Pro version installed!)

Step 2: Activate plugin

Step 3: Go to Duplicator >> Packages option and click ‘create new’

Step 4: Click next

Step 5: Click ‘Build’

Step 6: Download both Installer and Archive to your local PC

Now you have successfully backed up your existing WordPress.

Note: Just after backup put your site to maintenance mode to avoid new data being added.

Step 7: Go to JavaPipe control panel and create new website using ‘Create website’ option under ‘Websites menu’

Step 8: Expand database menu and click ‘Create database’ option

Enter database name and create database using a name of your choice.

Step 9: Go to ‘list database’ option and note down the database name and username

Step 10: Click ‘List websites’ option in JavaPipe control panel and click ‘Launch’ icon or Manage on newer versions.

Step 11: Go to filemanager

Step 12: Navigate to public_html folder inside filemanager and remove the files there.

Step 13: Upload the installer.php and archive you saved from the current website.

Click ‘Upload’ option, in the new pop up window select ‘Choose files’, then select both files from your local machine and click ‘Upload all’

Upload may take some time to complete depending on the backup files size.

Step 14: Close filemanager

Step 15: Note your JavaPipe IP in the top left in control panel or in the list websites option

Step 16: Point your domain to JavaPipe IP using hosts file method (

Sample hosts file entry in Windows in screenshot

Step 17: Navigate to your domainname/installer.php and click next

Step 18: Enter the database name you created in previous step

Step 19: Verify domain name and path and click next

Step 20: Click ‘Site login’ once installation is complete

Step 21: Enter your WordPress admin logins (same of that of your original WordPress)

Remove the installation files

Step 22: Go to your website and verify its loading fine and working as expected

Step 23: Update the A record of your domain to the new JavaPipe IP

That’s it.

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