How to Set Up a WordPress Staging Area on JavaPipe Print

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Step 1:
Login to your main domain’s WordPress admin area and install Duplicator plugin (contact us if you want the Pro version!)

Step 2: Activate Duplicator plugin

Step 3: Click Duplicator menu option in admin area and click ‘Create new’ button

Step 4: Click next

Step 5: Click build

Step 6: Download installer and archive file to your local computer

Step 7: Login to your JavaPipe control panel, expand websites and then click ‘launch’ icon for the website you need staging area added

Step 8: Click add domain and then enter the subdomain. In this example we use

Step 9: Click ‘list domain’ option and then click the ‘Launch’ icon

Step 10: Click filemanager

Step 11: Click public html in filemanager tab

Step 12: Click staging domain name folder which is staging. in this demo case

Step 13: Remove all the files in it (right click and use delete option)

Step 14: Upload the installer.php and Archive files you created earlier using duplicator plugin

Step 15: Create database using JavaPipe control panel. You need to select the main domain name from the drop down

Note down the database name in the format user_dbname (see circled area in screenshot)

Step 16: Go to subdomain URL and access installer.php like and click Next

Step 17: Add database details and click Next

Step 18: Verify path and click Next

Step 19: Click ‘Site Login’ to go the staging domain WordPress admin area. Use main domain's login itself

Step 20: Remove installation files from staging domains WordPress admin area

Step 21: Go to Settings >> Reading and Uncheck search engine visibility and save changes

Step 22: Go to JavaPipe control panel, list website option and click Launch icon for the main domain

Step 23: Click ‘list domains’ in new page and click launch icon

Step 24: Click rewrite rules and ‘Save Rewrite rules’

And you are done.

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