Installing Windows Server on your VPS

Windows servers at Javapipe are installed via ISO and do not come with windows license. So you will need your OWN Windows server license and be able to support the OS issues yourself. If you need help we can provide a windows admins at $79/hour.

When you select windows server in the vps order form, it will not install a Linux OS. Once the order is complete you will be able to follow the process below to install the Windows Server..

In order to install the Operating System, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your client area account.
  2. Navigate to your package details.
  3.   Click on Services in the menu and select My Services.
  4. You should see list of services if you have more than one.
  5. Click Active on the right for the one in question.
  6. Click on VPS Configuration
  7. In the new window Change Boot order to 1) CD Drive 2) Hard Disk. This will tell the bootup process to try and boot from CD Drive first.
  8. In Select ISO select the windows server you wish to install.
  9. For the secondary CD-ROM, select virtio-win.iso - for virtio drivers.
  10. Click Submit button and wait for success message. 'The settings have been save successfully' May take a few. Then click Close to close the window.
  11. Now click on the VNC button click on Launch HTML 5 VNC Client button.
  12. This will open new window console to your VPS. 
  13. Now you want to reboot using control alt delete icon. To do that expand the left bar of the console window by clicking on the A key icon.
  14. A little shelf will slide out. Click on the bottom that contains 3 little boxes.
  15. System will reboot - watch for 'Press any key to boot into CDROM or DVD'.
  16. Follow instructions of the Windows installation.
  17. Next > Install Now > Select Operating system > Next > Accept license terms > Next > Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) >  Load driver > Browse > CD Drive : virtio-win-0.1.1 > viostor >2k12R2 (your operating system) > amd64 (your version) > OK > Next > Select the partition you want to install OS on > Next > Wait till installation is completed > Set the password > Done
  18. Once completed, in order to access it via RDP, you need to enable RDP connections and allow the RDP connection through firewall.

For any issues you encounter, feel free to contact us.

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