How to Configure your SSL Print

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You will receive an email with link to configure your SSL. You can also log into your client area and navigate to the service where there will be a link on your left under Actions called Configure Now.

  1. Click on Configure Now.
  2. Web Server Type. Select Apache +ModSSL
  3. Copy your CSR from your Siteworx: Hosting Features > Domains > SSL
  4. Generate Key and CSR. Once you have CSR copy it including the top and bottom comments.
  5. Paste in the CSR in the CSR window overwriting the example comments.
  6. Verify your Administrator details.
  7. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the email in these details are valid. Otherwise you will not get a certificate.
  8. Click to Continue
  9. Certificate Approver Email. Must be valid email!! Select the appropriate email.
  10. Click to Continue.
  11. Configuration Complete.

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