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We offer different levels of managed or hands-on service to help you achieve your objectives.
Our expertise is Linux infrastructure for java applications. We are proficient in deploying java containers, app servers, and open-source solutions such as OpenCms, Liferay, or similar. We can also assist in general server deployments for PHP applications, Python Django, Ruby on rails, etc. We can also assist in troubleshooting application issues, but please keep in mind that we are not developers, and we draw from our years of experience to provide you logical suggestions.

Managed service levels that we offer:

  • Semi-Managed (2 hours / month)
  • Semi-Managed Plus (5 hours / month)
  • Fully-managed (10 hours / month)
  • Hands-on Support Pack-1 (10 hours one-time)
  • Hands-on Support Pack-2 (20 hours one-time)

You can view pricing when you order a VPS solution. You also have the option of not using this service by selecting Unmanaged (I am or have a SysAdmin).

If you are unsure if we can assist you, please open ticket and let us know what your objectives are and we'll let you know if its something we can help you with.

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