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A lot of customers prefer to use Javapipe hosting service but host their email accounts elsewhere. Setting up an alternate mail service is very easy to do. A popular solution is to use Google Workspace (G Suite). There are a lot of benefits to using a dedicated 3rd party mail service. There are other solutions, such as OX App Suite, that we offer or Microsoft's Office 365 exchange service. Whichever alternate solution you choose, this process is mostly the same.

This knowledgebase article will walk you through this process.


  • Google Workspace account, Office 365, OX App Suite, or other for your domain.
  • You need to be using Javapipe's DNS server,  NS1 through nameservers.
  • Have a hosting shared package on our servers such as Tomcat hosting or PHP hosting.
  • MX details from the third-party mail service.

MX Details.

When you sign up for the 3rd party mail service such as Google Workspace (G Suite), Office 365, or OX App Suite then you'll likely get MX details. These details are usually the same for everyone.

Google Workspace MX Records

Host  Time to Live (TTL*) Record Type Priority
(Preference number)
Mail Server
Leave as is 3600 MX 1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
Leave as is 3600 MX 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
Leave as is 3600 MX 5 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
Leave as is 3600 MX 10 ALT3.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM


OX App Suite MX Records

Host  Time to Live (TTL*) Record Type Priority
(Preference number)
Mail Server
Leave as is 3600 MX 10
Leave as is 3600 MX 10
Leave as is 3600 MX 10
Leave as is 3600 MX 10


Microsoft Office 365 MX Records

It seems Microsoft Office 365 MX records are not public, so you'll probably get access to this within your Office 365 account.

Things to update in your Siteworx.

After you have the above MX record information, you can configure your Remote Setup within your SiteWorx account.

Disable Local Mail

  1. Log into your Siteworx for the domain in question.
  2. On the left menu Select Administration > Mail Options > Remote Setup 
    On newer systems, it's the sprocket icon. See screenshots of both.
    Menu on Siteworx 7 to remote setup.
    or for older Siteworx:
     Siteworx 6 menu to remote setup.

  3. Disable Local Delivery Status by clicking on the Disable button. What this does is prevent Javapipe from intercepting and routing your email to your JavaPipe mail server. This allows email in our systems to leave our network so that they can be delivered via your 3rd party mail service.
    Siteworx interface for disabling remote mail

Add Alternate Mail Service MX

Add MX records for the mail service you'll be using.

  1. Delete the existing MX record
  2. Add a record for each MX record by selecting your domain in the drop-down for Add MX Record for and click Go.
    Leave the Host entry as is and update the TTL, Preference Number (Priority), and Mail Server and Save.
    Adding MX record in Siteworx.
  3. Repeat the above for each MX entry. When you are done you should see something similar to the below screenshot.
    Google workspace MX in Siteworx.

Please note: You'll need to allow a few hours to 24 hours for DNS propagation to complete before you see email arriving at your alternate service. If you don't know, DNS propagation is a 'sync' among DNS servers worldwide so that it will take a little time.

There may be other configurations such as SPF which can also be handled within Mail Options. Please see KB article about Mail Options.

Feel free to open a help desk ticket if you still have questions.

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