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"All data is perishable unless backed up"

We know the importance of data as an end user, but we do not know about the shelf-life and perishable nature of the devices/hardware that stores the data. This is why regular and timely backups are important to ensure data safety. It is also of paramount importance to ensure business continuity and risk mitigation.

We as a service provider are responsible for the resilience and security of our infrastructure that we provide/sell to you as a customer, But Backing up your data is your responsibility.

Although we deploy RAID across multiple drives on all of our machines, we cannot guarantee against accidental file deletion or data corruption. Though data corruption is rare, it can happen.

It would be best if you considered making regular backups of your data.

There is several ways you can achieve this. Either by downloading your data every week manually or the usual way of storing it on a backup server. The smarter way, although, is to store it on cloud in object storage and automate the whole process of scheduled backing up and restoring.

If you need help deploying a backup solution, we have some solutions you can use, or we can provide hands-on service to ensure your data is getting backed up regularly. Please raise a ticket on our helpdesk if you need our backup solution.

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