Address already in use:{yourPort#}

This is a common issue when your Java web hosting runs out of allocated memory for either its heap or permspace. Apparently when you run out of memory, Tomcat stalls, and you are unable to shut it down propertly with ./shutdown. So what you need to do is find the PID and kill the process.

  1. SSH into your account
  2. ps -u {username}
    -This will show list of processes and you'll see one or two java enteries then its likely its stalled.
  3. kill -9 {PID}
    -Use the PID number on the left to kill the process.
  4. Now you can start your Tomcat properly using ./

This is common problem for people who purchase Starter package and try to run a framework. Frameworks usually require at least 64mb of memory to run effectively.

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