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Adding a new user to Siteworx's control panel for administration Once you login to your Siteworx, Go to the Administration menu on the left, there, click on... Can not log Into Siteworx with New credentials Did you enter your domain in the third field?  This is often the problem, Siteworx auto populates... How Do I Change the Time Zone? You cannot change the timezone on a shared system. Instead, it's easy to accommodate the... How to Cron Jobs in Siteworx Cronjobs are scheduled tasks which runs a script/program at a specified time. Siteworx enables... How to FTP/SFTP in Siteworx You can use normal ftp or sftp to manage your files. We recommend using sftp (ftp over ssh) over... How to File Manager in Siteworx Click filemanager option in your control panel left pane And a new window will open up with... How to create database in Siteworx How to create a database in siteworx With Sitworx UI you have full control over the creation of... How to create mailboxes, aliases and email groups in SiteWorx To create a Mailbox log into Siteworx at https://serverhostname.com:2443/siteworx Navigate... How to preview website before your domain is active. You can view your site on javapipe server before you register, transfer or update NS to point to... How to setup SSL for your domain on Siteworx Navigate to Siteworx >> Hosting features >> Domains >> SSL First you need to... How to use Tomcat Control in Siteworx Tomcat Control provides you a way to control your Tomcat instance from Siteworx if you're using... How to use free Lets Encrypt SSL with Tomcat & PHP Hosting (SiteWorx) Let's Encrypt, aka letsencrypt, is a free public SSL solution for your website that can be... Logging in To access your SiteWorx account, you can connect via the following ways.... Mail Options - SFP, DKIM and MX in Siteworx You can see mail options at Control panel >> Administration >> Mail options.... New to Siteworx? Please Read. Overview You may have some experience dealing with other hosting companies and may have an idea... SiteWorx Server Paths Following paths for SiteWorx Servers: Root path to html directory:... Tomcat Control This is our web based plugin to Interworx control panel to help improve your experience with our... Where do I upload my webapp files? It depends on your service, if you have shared JSP or Java web hosting. When you ftp or SSH in,...
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