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First, what it means to transfer your domain is to move your domain from one registrar to another. So when you request to transfer your domain to us, you will be moving that domain from some place such as or network solutions to us.

You do not need to transfer your domain to us to use our hosting services. You can simply 'point' to new server by updating the nameserver information on your domain. These nameservers will be provided to you in your Welcome Email when you sign up for hosting.

To transfer, it's very important that your contact information listed for the domain in question (whois) is current and accurate. The reason is because both registrars will send an email to request confirmation for the transfer. Failing to answer these 2 emails in timely manner will cause the transfer to fail.

Updated: Transfer rules have changed and requires that you request an authorization key from your current registrar to provide to us for the transfer.

Instructions on transferring domains from your current registrar to our registrar:

Please follow these links for step-by-step information on transferring your domain names to our registrar.

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