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You are viewing your website hosted on our PHP hosting plans, directly or using preview and your images are not showing up. This is caused by few of things. Here is a list to follow when trouble shooting this problem:
1) Right click on image and view properties on the browser to see if the location to the image is correct. (Control click on Mac) If not, then correct the img src in your html files.
2) Did you just sign up? And you have turned HotLink Protection on for your site. Are you previewing your site at Your images will show up when your domain name propogation is complete, but until then you can add this url to your list of referels in the HotLink Protection screen in your control panel:
Substitute the planet for the name of your server. This will fix that problem.
3) If its not HotLinking and the path to your images is correct too, then it might be a permission problem. You will need to chmod/change permissions so that the file is viewable. You can use an FTP client like Filezilla, or Cpanel's own file manager to do that.


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