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Sometimes after uploading a new page, you still see the old page on your site.

This problem is commonly experienced by people who are sitting behind a proxy imposed by their ISP. Although your browser might not have a specific settings for the proxy, most ISPs now use Transparent Proxy so you have no choice but to go through the proxy.

The problem is that browser's refresh feature only refreshes its own local cache that is on your computer. It does not tell the proxy to refresh the cache that resides on the proxy server, so when you refresh it simply pulls out the cached version of your page from the proxy server.

To overcome this problem you need the "Force Refresh" feature as follows:

Internet Explorer and Opera: Ctrl+F5
Firefox and Safari: Shift+Click Reload button

Try the above key combination to refresh your page. It should force the proxy to re-download the page straight from your web site.

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