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java.net.BindException: Address already in use:{yourPort#} This is a common issue when your Java web hosting (click here to see our hosting plans) runs out... Choosing between JBoss7's Standalone or Domain features. JBoss 7 introduced new feature called managed domains. Basically this is a multi-server... Configuring JBoss 7 Management Console Configuring JBoss 7 Management Console First you need to add admin user to your managements... Creating WAR file from spring boot project Create a WAR File from Your Spring Boot Project   You now need to create a WAR file from your... How To Protect Directories with Apache Tomcat Realms How To Protect Directories with Apache Tomcat Realm This document explains how to protect... How come my tomcat wont start after uploading my new war file? This has become a common problem with customers who have web app context configured in their... How do I restart my tomcat? However, if you have a private Tomcat instance with a good Java web host like us, then you have... How do I upgrade or downgrade my JVM memory requirements? This article explains how you can upgrade or downgrade your JVM heap and perm gen memory... How to Generate a Thread Dump of your JAVA process. A thread dump reveals information about an application's thread activity that can help you... How to Redirect Your Tomcat or JBoss Over Port 80 How to Redirect Your Tomcat or JBoss Over Port 80 This article is for customers with a dedicated... How to Setup Glassfish on Ubuntu or CentOs How to install Glassfish on a virtual or dedicated server. Note: # prompt is root and $ prompt... How to Setup Tomcat on Ubuntu Server How to install Tomcat and Apache on Ubuntu Learn how to install Apache and Tomcat on a Linux... How to access Tomcat Manager Tomcat manager that comes with our Java hosting provides a few tools to help manage your webapps... How to host PHP with Tomcat in the Cloud Our Java server hosting allows you to also install and run php applications. There is a special... How to use Tomcat Control in Siteworx Tomcat Control provides you a way to control your Tomcat instance from Siteworx if you're using... How to use free Lets Encrypt SSL with Tomcat & PHP Hosting (SiteWorx) Let's Encrypt, aka letsencrypt, is a free public SSL solution for your website that can be... How to use your webapp instead of ROOT or /folder in URL If you have a webapp that you have uploaded to the webapps directory in Tomcat and you wish to... JAVA Mail settings for SMTP The mail server most likely resides on the same server that hosts your site so you will need to... MariaDB Database Connector CentOS 7 and up currently utilizes MariaDB instead of MySQL. This is also true for almost all... New to Tomcat in the cloud? Overview If you are new to JavaPipe's Java hosting you probably want to know where everything is... Pointer Domain Handling Tutorial This tutorial explains how you can host pointer domains with a Java web hosting package from... Run NodeJS on Tomcat You can run Nodejs such as react or angular on JavaPipe's Tomcat service. You will need to use... Setting up SSL for Web Sockets This article will help you get setup to use websockets with your Tomcat hosting service.... Spring Framework Need to develop Plain Old JAVA Objects? Want to have fun developing your application? Then we... Subdomain Handling Tutorial This tutorial explains how you can host subdomains with JavaPipe's Java Tomcat hosting. This is... Tomcat Control This is our web based plugin to Interworx control panel to help improve your experience with our... Upgrade from 7 Day Java Hosting Trial. Within the 7 day trial you are welcome to upgrade your package or purchase separate Java hosting... WebSockets Websocket is a bidirectional, stateful protocol used for client-server communication.  Being... Where do I upload my webapp files? It depends on your service, if you have shared JSP or Java web hosting. When you ftp or SSH in,... java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded Symptom Your Tomcat container is hanging and you see this exception in your catalina.out log...
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