Configuring JBoss 7 Management Console

Configuring JBoss 7 Management Console

First you need to add admin user to your managements memory realm database. JBoss 7 has a new process for adding this via a script instead of editing the props flatfile directly.

  1. SSH to JBOSS_HOME/bin/ and run ./ (JBoss does not need to be running)
  2. Select 'a' option for Management User
  3. Hit enter to accept "ManagementRealm" as default
  4. User admin and supply password
  5. Follow instructions

Now you need to allow connection to the manager remotely. In the older versions of JBoss you simply uses the -b option when starting it up. But now you can add this configuration instead. Configure the standalone.xml to allow access to server from remote add IP or hostname to interfaces within JBOSS_HOME/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml

<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?-->
  <interface name="management">     <!-- bind to the hostname --> 
    <!inet-address value="your-hostname">   </inet-address>
  <interface name="public">     <!-- bind to the hostname -->       
    <inet-address value="your-hostname"> </inet-address>

Change the your hostname to server hostname or IP, then restart the server.

JavaPipe can offer JBoss hosting upon request, its standard Java server hosting with Java support is based on Apache Tomcat in the cloud. Don't hesitate to open a ticket if anything's unclear. If you're developing the Java application that you want to host online, we recommend using the Spring MVC framework for development. 

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