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The problem with lag is that it can be caused by a LOT of things. Rarely is it caused by the proxy itself and yes sometimes we do have network speed fluctuations due to the bombardment of DDoS attacks that we sustain. After all most of our customers are getting attacks and we do hit our limits occasionally.

When you have lag, don't just submit ticket and complain of lag. This is a huge waste of time. To make this more productive please read below.
To help us better troubleshoot your lag issue when submitting a please provide traceroute at time of lag. 
  • On mac or linux, open terminal and run this command: traceroute
  • On windows open dos prompt and run: tracert
  • Then copy and paste in ticket for us to analyze.
Or you can provide mtr output from winmtr if you're on windows. (http://winmtr.net)
Lastly a tool you can use to check to see if issue is just from a certain area: http://www.hyperspin.com/en/quicktest.php . Anything below 50ms is awesome, but if you're seeing 70+ ms then you've got a problem somewhere between you user and proxy - or the problem could be between proxy and your server.

It is also possible that the distance between your backend server and our DDoS protection network is too far. In this case it would help to move your server closer to our network or to instead get a DDoS protected server to host your game on on.

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