What are Paypal Subscriptions?

A paypal subscription is 'your' agreement with paypal to pay a specific company $X amount on the same day each month. This is something you setup when  you use the paypal subscription button to pay an invoice. This process initiates the subscription and it will not stop regardless whether there is an pending invoice or not until you log into paypal and cancel.

You can find these subscriptions that you may have setup by logging into your paypal, go to settings and then under Payment Settings select Preapproved Payments

Find the JavaPipe agreement you wish to cancel and then click Cancel and then again to confirm.

JavaPipe has no control over these subscriptions or the amount that is being paid. It is your responsibility to manage these subscriptions as they are under your control.

Please note: We do not provide refunds for overpayment due to your failure to cancel your subsciption. Instead credit will be applied to your account for you use of future Javapipe services.

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